International Investigations – USA

The United States of America are often at the center of our investigations.

Background research

In the US, the standard of data protection is much lower than in Europe, although this does vary between the states and there is a trend to tighten the rules. But it is still possible to use public databases to gain extensive information about companies and individuals. This marks usually the beginning of an investigation.

Wirtschaftsdienste Peter Schmid works with liaison offices in several cities in the US, so that we can offer a high-level service throughout the country.

False identity

In the US, it is still much easier than in Europe to assume a false identity and to use it to commit crimes. This can mainly be observed in cases of fraud. Targeted investigations in the individual's environment enable us to determine the true identity of a person.

Investment and real estate fraud

Particularly in Florida there are a number of fraudsters who seek out mainly Germans who want to buy properties or invest funds or start businesses. The use of forged documents and off-shore companies leads to large losses. Thanks to our contacts in the state, we can usually investigate these crimes quickly.

Evaluating business partners

Research regarding the solvency and other background information about individuals or companies can be carried out relatively swiftly and at low expense in the US and should be done at the beginning of any business relationship.

Wirtschaftsdienste Peter Schmid has liaison offices in several US cities with which we work together closely.

Liaison offices in the US:

Miami (Florida), Cleveland (Ohio), Santa Monica (California), New York

Send us an email or call us at: +49 (0)89 - 278 27 90