Mexico, Central America, Caribbean and South America

For successful investigations, it's important to now what these countries have in common.

Corruption is widespread in some countries, both in business as well as in the judiciary. In cases of economic crimes, it is mostly up to the victims to collect as much evidence as necessary because the governmental investigators are often overwhelmed.


There are many factories which produce legal products for the US market. Therefore, there are enough production facilities and the know-how in the country to produce fake merchandise, mainly for the North and South American market. These copies include medicine, all kind of spare parts and machines.

Successful investigations require specific knowledge of the local situation and years of experience. Wirtschaftsdienste Peter Schmid has been working with a reliable partner in Mexico City for many years.


The country is still one of the most important financial centers of the world, not least due to large numbers of shell companies and banks registered there. These are also used to hide assets. Many trust companies offer a wide range of services to clients looking for that. Sometimes, these companies are closely associated with certain banks, making it easier for their clients to hide assets.

Investigations in this area require a high degree of professionalism and contacts in the relevant sectors of the economy, both of which Wirtschaftsdienste Peter Schmid has.

Dominican Republic

The situation in this country is characterized by a high level of corruption in all sectors of the economy and in the administration. Fraud is often committed in connection with real estate deals and losses may go into the millions. This concerns in particular properties close to the beach which are predominantly bought by foreigners. Recently there have also been more crimes in connection with the deaths of foreign citizens living in the Dominican Republic. Wills and power of attorneys for banks are forged to prevent the rightful heirs from receiving the estate.

Based on the experience gained from working on many such cases, Wirtschaftsdienste Peter Schmid has considerable knowledge about these type of crimes.

We have a liaison office in Santo Domingo and connections with reputable local lawyers with whom we can work together if necessary.


We have liaison offices in Mexico City (Mexico), Panama City (Panama), Managua (Nicaragua), San José (Costa Rica), Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Lima (Peru) and Bogota (Colombia).

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